Trần Nguyễn Kim Tiền

Lễ Tân/ Marketing & Sale

Bằng cấp: Cao đẳng - Quản Trị Kinh Doanh và Du Lịch Lữ Hành

Trường: CĐ Kinh tế Kỹ thuật Cần Thơ - Cao Đẳng Du Lịch C

Lương mong muốn: 7.000.000Cập nhật: 05/02/2019

Cần Thơ | Du lịch / Khách sạnLượt xem: 124

Tóm lược

I am currently seeking a full time position in an environment that offers a greater challenge, increased benefits for my family, and the opportunity to help the company thrive and be effective. My goal is to be associated with a company where I can use my skills and gain more experience while improving the company's productivity and reputation.   To secure a position with a stable and profitable organization where I can be a member of a team and make the most of my business experience. 

Kinh nghiệm và quá trình làm việc

6/2017: Reception in Saigon Phu Quoc  tourist . In the process of working, I have gained more experience and continued to develop the missing skills and promote my own potential.   April 17, 2018: Host Marketing in Corona Resort and Casino Phu Quoc Being able to work in a challenging and competitive environment, giving me good skills in communicating with customers, as well as being able to exchange knowledge about Sale Marketing. During my time at Casino, I also learned Chinese in order to help myself communicate better with difficult Chinese guests. In addition, the work of a Marketing Host can learn more about other parts of the casino. For example: knowledge about serving customers of F&B (Food & Beverage) employees. One of the things I know during my 1 year at casino is the Cashier's job, calculating the expenses of both the company and the customer, for me Cashier is like the accounting of a company. . In addition, there are many skills that can be applied in the field of entertainment services that later if you are accepted by your company, I will promote all that I have learned as well as the experiences I have It's been a long time.

Học vấn và bằng cấp

Trình độ học vấn: Cao đẳng

Chuyên ngành: Quản Trị Kinh Doanh và Du Lịch Lữ Hành

Tốt nghiệp trường: CĐ Kinh tế Kỹ thuật Cần Thơ - Cao Đẳng Du Lịch C

Trình độ tin học: Sử dụng thành thạo Word , Excel và Access

Bằng cấp và kỹ năng khác:

With a dynamic and eager to learn, I always actively participate in the company's activities and events. In addition, when I was in school, I received many awards for singing activities as well as activities of the school's volunteer youth team and combined with international schools: such as Soonchunhyang university, school in Newzeland, ...   In addition, I also have an inbound tour guide card, along with a lot of knowledge about travel tours I have learned.   I look forward to working in a dynamic and creative environment, open and friendly colleagues to work together and support each other in better jobs.

Công việc mong muốn

Vị trí mong muốn: Lễ Tân/ Marketing & Sale

Mức lương mong muốn: 7.000.000

Ngành nghề: Du lịch / Khách sạn

Loại hình công việc: Nhân viên chính thức

Địa điểm làm việc: Cần Thơ

Thông tin cá nhân

Họ tên: Trần Nguyễn Kim Tiền

Địa chỉ: 11/49, Nguyễn Đệ, An Hoà, Ninh Kiều, Cần Thơ

Ngày sinh: 02/04/1995

Giới tính: Nữ

Tình trạng hôn nhân: Độc thân | Việc làm Cần Thơ & ĐBSCL | Hồ sơ nghề nghiệp

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